The Journey of the Marmabill

Written by Daniel Errico, Illustrated by Tiffany Turrill

The Marmabill has lost her nest! Join her on her brave quest to get it back, as she travels through the rainforest. Along the way she’ll meet fantastical creatures like wugs, key-keys, and even tankadiggies As the adventure takes her from green treetops to a glowing underground cave, the Marmabill must discover for herself the true meaning of home.

“When a buldabeast steals a marmabill's home, she is forced to venture out to find a new nest. On her journey, the marmabill meets gentle wugs and a helpful tankadiggy, but she also encounters less friendly creatures, like nasty key-keys and cranky fluthers. Follow her through the forest, from the wugs' warm kitchen to the fluthers' dangerous glowing cave. Will the earnest marmabill ever find a place to call home, or will she stumble upon something even more special than a simple nest?

Tiffany Turrill's brilliant, vivid illustrations bring magic to Daniel Errico's charming tale of a diligent marmabill searching for a place to call her own. Both kids and adults with love Errico's silly nonsense rhymes—a great book for parents and children to read together! Join the marmabill's adventure through the rainy forest and meet all sorts of wacky creatures along the way!”