The Particular Way of the Odd Ms. McKay

by Daniel Errico

Say what you will, or say what you may,

There’s nobody else who is like Ms. McKay.

To all whom she passes, she gives a “Good day!”

And she’s ready with maps, if you’ve been led astray.


Her hair is bright orange with two streaks of gray.

And her purse may be made out of flowers and clay,


But her hugs have been known to go on for a day,

And she wakes up each morning with something to say.

She had her house built in a tree by the bay,

And dangles a tire swing down every May.


She’s famous for making a carrot soufflé.

She’ll give you five boxes, but won’t let you pay.

Ms McKay 4v1.jpg

She only eats food when it’s served on a tray,

And doesn’t use forks since they get in here way.

She owns seven horses, and rides in a sleigh.

And when she addresses them, it’s with a “neigh”.

Ms McKay 5v1.png

She’d lend you her coat, without any delay.

(She wove it from flowers and piles of hay).

On Sundays she puts on a purple beret.

And never, not once, has she missed the ballet.

Her voice is quite bad but she sings everyday

If she’s holding her trumpet, don’t ask her to play!

Ms McKay 6v1.png

I think you should meet her, as soon as today.

Although, if you stop by she’ll insist that you stay.

Ms McKay 7v1.png

So, say what you will, or say what you may,

You’ll remember the day that you met Ms. McKay.